TAG HEUER LINK WATCH Quartz watch - diameter 32 mm WBC131E.BA0649 (2023)

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TAG HEUER LINK WATCH Quartz watch - diameter 32 mm WBC131E.BA0649 (2)

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Product Description

TAG HEUER LINK WATCH Quartz watch - diameter 32 mm WBC131E.BA0649

Product specification

  • size
  • 32 mm
  • thickness
  • 9.05 mm
  • lug spacing
  • 9.2 mm
  • waterproof depth
  • 100m
  • case
  • stainless steel polished
  • bezel
  • Fixed bezel stainless steel
  • Crown
  • stainless steel
  • case back
  • Normal - Steel
  • material
  • stainless steel
  • retouch
  • fine sanding/polishing
  • Clasp
  • Push-button folding clasp - fine-brushed steel
  • retouch
  • Sunburst Matte
  • color
  • beige
  • time scale
  • patch
  • Dial diamond weight
  • 0.158
  • The number of diamonds on the dial
  • 12

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    Let customers speak for us

    from 433 reviews

    Great product

    Great product.

    Randall Kaye


    SEIKO ASTRON GPS Solar 5X53 Dual-Time Sport Titanium SBXC067/SSH067J1 men's watch

    Good design

    The watch is made by thitanium so is very lighter than steel bracelet.

    Jose Carvalho


    Casio G-SHOCK GMW-B5000TCF-2JR GMW-B5000TCF-2 20ATM Radio Clock Watch

    Great watch, great service

    John Coleman


    Casio PRO TREK EFS-560HR-1AJR EFS-560HR-1A 10ATM Watch

    Awesome Watch!

    Love my new Seiko, and it came all the way from Japan in only three days! Great service!



    SEIKO PROSPEX SBDC077 Diver Scuba Mechanical Automatic limited Men's Watch

    Magnificent watches

    I liked the watch very much. The seller has no questions. We sent the order right away. Delivery to Ukraine took 16 days, traveled across Europe for a very long time. Of course, the clock was stuck at customs, in addition to the duty, I had to pay the broker for customs clearance services (it was this moment that was unpleasant, because the customs authority was in another city and had to fork out another $ 38 for broker services and $ 100 for customs clearance). In any case, it turned out cheaper than buying such a watch in my country, although I expected it to be cheaper.



    CASIO OCEANUS OCW-T200S-1AJF OCW-T200S-1A CLASSIC LINE Bluetooth Solar Radio Men's Watch

    Ippo is fantastic! Love the watch! Super fast shipping!

    First I just want to comment on the shipping speed. I ordered the watch on a Sunday in the USA and it was delivered the rolling Wednesday! 3 business days? That is what I am talking about. And now...

    The Watch. Seiko SBDC101.. what more can you say? Classic 62mas style with the 6R movement, sapphire, DiaShield? Come one. This watch is a knock out! Absolutely in love with this watch. The machine finishing is top notch, it wears perfectly, and it's a real stunner! The sunburst dark grey bezel is beautiful out in the sun. Many of my customers have commented on the watch so far.

    Right now this watch is hot along with the new Willard. Unfortunately they hard to come by at the moment. Ippo had it in stock at a price which I was better than anyone who had one in stock.

    Definitely recommend buying any watch from Ippo. The fact that I received this item from Japan to the USA faster than other items I'm still waiting from from the USA says it all.

    John Hinerman


    SEIKO PROSPEX Diver's Watch 55th Anniversary 1965 Diver's Modern Re-interpretation SBDC101 SPB143J1 men's watch

    ★ Judge.me Reviews

    Let customers speak for us

    433 reviews












    CITIZEN XC ES9430-54L Radio wave stainless watch

    Yiming Athanasopoulos

    Awesome Seller

    I bought a citizen watch (nothing super expensive, just about $300). Ippo Japan Watch has the best price and their shipping was super fast. I got it within a week. I’ll definitely buy from them again in the future.


    CASIO G-SHOCK G-5600UE-1JF G-5600UE-1 SOLAR 20 bar watch

    Erol Oner

    Great watch

    Great watch, my son loves it.


    Grand Seiko Heritage Collection SBGA443 Spring drive watch

    David Wong

    Recommend Seller

    Fast Shipping and communication response! Package arrived in good condition and nothing at fault. Recommend Seller Thumb Up. The watch is as per pictures described in fact its more beautiful in real.


    CASIO BABY-G BGD-5000U-1BJF BGD-5000U-1B solar drive 20 bar watch

    Erol Oner

    BABY-G BGD-5000U-1BJF - Good watch

    My daughter is very happy with the BABY-G BGD-5000U-1BJF. It came with a flat battery and took +2 days to charge but works great now.


    Casio Oceanus OCW-T3000-2AJF Chrono Titanium Solar Men Watch OCW-T3000-2A

    Philippe BONBLED

    Ippo: nice way to grab Oceanus out of Japan !

    Highly recommended !
    Delivery right on time and the watch is better than expected
    Always on my wrist since!


    CASIO edifice ECB-950YMP-1AJF ECB-950YMP-1A solar 10ATM watch 2023.01 released

    Paweł Tokarz

    CASIO edifice ECB-950YMP-1AJF ECB-950YMP-1A solar 10ATM watch 2023.01 released


    CASIO gshock GW-9400YJ-1JF GW-9400YJ-1 solar 20ATM watch 2023.01 released

    James Janson

    I am Very Happy.

    I love the Japanese release watches over other regions for the quality,This was my first time buying directly from overseas and I was more than satisfied. Excellent service and Fast shipping, I cant wait to do business with you again,


    GRAND SEIKO 9F Quartz 10ATM SBGX265 Men's Watch

    Daniel Jacobs

    Vintage Size - Amazing!

    Very pleased to have this fantastic master watchmaker build! Having a Grand Seiko 9F Quartz trumps other movements IMHO!


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